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The Peace Project Leadership Institute


Proudly Announces:

The PPLI ‘Conversation Series’

Once a month the PPLI will sponsor a live, free, online webinar, hosted by PPLI Director and Conflict Coach, Brooke Corr, in conversation with community and industry leaders exploring the intersection where peace and leadership meet.

Please join us online for our first Conversation:

Self Worth:

Unpacking The Hidden Crisis 

September 27th, 2017

7PM Mountain Time

Social entrepreneur coach, Geraldine Carter, will join Brooke for our first conversation.

In this conversation, they will explore why they each think there is a ‘self worth crisis’, how they see it manifest in themselves and those they work with, and how each of them approaches moving themselves and others with less than positive ‘self worth’ –forward.

Self Worth FREE Webinar; Register Here! 

Brooke Corr, BSW, CM/F: is a skill building educator, coach, facilitator and Certified Mediator.  She is the Director of the Peace Project Leadership Institute.

For more information about Brooke visit: 

Geraldine Carter, ACC: Geraldine coaches social ​entrepreneurs and

​conscious ​business leaders to turn their inspiration into tangible growth.

For more information about Geraldine visit

Advanced Conflict Resolution Skill Building Master Class!!

The Peace Project Leadership Institute

 Meets Tuesday evenings online from 6-8PM MST for 5 weeks, beginning Tuesday, October 3rd.

(Our last class is scheduled for October 31st.  We may reschedule that class so that participants can enjoy Halloween!)

Early Bird Pricing is in effect until September 22, 2017.

This online class is limited to 5 participants to ensure individualized instruction, coaching and support.

Who this class is for: Any HR Professional, Mediator, Psychotherapist, or Leader, who feels challenged with mediating specific conflicts, and would love additional skill building, coaching, and support, while deepening their own interpersonal conflict resolution skills.

Class Methodology: We will use a proven, results driven, step-by-step method to grow our existing conflict resolution skills, add new ones, and then use all of our skills to work through participant provided conflicts and conflict situations.

In this class we work on conflict resolution skills and techniques from two different perspectives:

1) We work on deepening our own interpersonal conflict resolution skills, and

2) We work on skills and techniques to help others move more comfortably through conflict, while at the same time, grow their skills in positive and meaningful ways.

Some Highlights from our last Master Class include:

* Learned and practiced validating core interests/values, practiced reframing core issues, and developed win-win ‘umbrella questions’.

* Learned and practiced techniques that help disputants comfortably move away from being stuck in any of the ‘Four Big Conflict Traps/Challenges’.

* Worked through participant provided conflict fact patterns, by first identifying ‘trigger points of uncomfort’, and then practiced methods to gently move disputants to a more comfortable place of consensus driven problem solving.

* Worked through and problem solved situations when it seemed no resolution or agreement could be reached.

Participants will also Receive…

** In addition to the five group sessions, each participant will receive one 2-hour private coaching/consultation session with Brooke.

** Participants will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ from The Peace Project Leadership Institute.

** CU’s and CEU’s are avilable.  Please inquire before registration.

For more information please give Brooke a call at 406-360-1137, or email Brooke at:, or register at:

 About your Instructor: Brooke Corr is a skill-building educator, Conflict Coach, facilitator, and Certified Mediator.  She is the Director of The Peace Project Leadership Institute. For more information about Brooke visit

Online Mediation Discussion Opportunity

Did you know you can access online discussions with other mediators to share ideas about building your mediation business? The Academy of Professional Family Mediators hosts these online conversations.

Go to: for more information and to register.

Conflict Resolution Online Workshops

Workplace Wars 101 for Peers and and Co-workers

Workplace Wars 201 for Leaders and Supervisors

For More information and to Register go to: