An innovative model of dispute resolution achieving newfound success as a key alternative to expensive litigation. Benefits of mediation include greater control over outcomes, for those involved in the dispute, a faster resolution, and a less expensive process.


  • Why did you become a mediator? I was a high school teacher administrator for nearly twenty years when I decided it was time for a career change. One of the aspects of teaching that I really enjoyed wa...


  • The Board established the following reinstatement policy effective June 1, 2022: Reinstatement within 18 months: Basic mediation fundamentals class not more than 5 years from date of renewal. Reinstat...

  • First, I would like to state that I am honored to be the association president. Thank you for trusting me to bring your goals to fruition during my tenure. I am so happy to be realizing my dream ...

  • As Martha Stewart says about change, “It’s a good thing.” It is said that the only constant in life is change. Based on the membership meeting of May 24, 2022, Montana Mediation Asso...

  • MtMA welcomes Cassie Hemphill as our new Administrator. Cassie has over 40 years experience in non-profit administration and has taught a college courses in non-profit and organizational communication...


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Montana Mediation Association (MtMA) was established in 1998 to promote and facilitate mediation as a viable alternative to litigation. Founded upon principles of education, networking, best practices, and professional ethics, MtMA helps shape policy and legislation while promoting the value and relevance of mediation throughout Montana…read more.


Montana Mediation Association’s Certified Mediator designation (CM) is an acknowledged mark of expertise and professionalism. MtMA confers the highly esteemed CM designation only upon the successful completion of an extensive mediation curriculum and substantial experiential requirements.

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