Board Member in the News!

Board Member in the News!

Andrew Connor

After many years of curiosity and interest in the world of mediation, Andrew finally buckled down a few years ago and did his mediation training through the Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC) in Missoula. This led him into Missoula’s Justice Court mediation program, status as a Certified Mediator (CM), and recognition as the 2017 ‘Sharon Auerbach Volunteer Mediator of the Year’ award winner.
In addition to doing community and civil meditation, Andrew also performs parenting plan and divorce mediations through the CDRC, and recently received confirmation as a Certified Family Mediator (CM/F). He is interested in pursuing more workplace mediation and community facilitation opportunities.
One of Andrew’s areas of particular interest is in using mediation and group facilitation to foster constructive engagement across ideological and political difference. He is working on an approach to political mediation that cuts through destructive political conflict and counter-productive rhetoric to create new approaches to politically contentious issues.
Andrew also works as a non-profit consultant, specializing in organizational development and operations. Additionally, he is the Founder and Director of the Center for Community Ownership, which is pioneering alternative approaches to using community financial capital to do economic development in under-resourced communities.

John Potter drums, at left, as Scott Frazier gives a blessing during a ceremony in Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday. The two have said prayers in the park for the special place and its animals for decades.

Gerald Sherman, MtMA Board Member in the News:  Jael Kampfe bows her head as Gerald Sherman offers a prayer in Yellowstone. Story and Photos By BRETT FRENCH Oct 13, 2017 Updated Oct 15, 2017

Gerald is a member of the MtMA Board. Here is a bit more about Gerald:

Gerald Sherman, an Oglala Lakota, grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Sherman is the founding board chairman and first Executive Director of the Lakota Fund, one of the first micro-enterprise loan funds in the U.S. He has continued his contributions to Indian economic and business development throughout his career in banking and as Program Officer for Four Times Foundation, an organization providing equity financing for Indian entrepreneurs in select Indian Nations. He has a bachelor’s degree from Oglala Lakota College and has been certified by the National Development Council as an Economic Development Finance Professional.

Sherman also maintains his involvement in Indian Country nationally as a member of the International Advisory Council of the Native Nations Institute (NNI) of the Udall Center at the University of Arizona, Tucson. NNI does research as well as providing training and consulting services to Indian Nations in executive leadership with a focus on “nation building.” He is a board member of Indian Dispute Resolution Services of Sacramento, California, and former board member of American Indian Business Leaders in Missoula, Montana. Mr. Sherman has served as chairman of the board of the Montana Micro Business Development Agency and was chairman of the Montana Bankers Association Fair Lending Committee. He has received SBA’s Minority Small Business Development Advocate of the Year award for South Dakota and Montana, and twice for SBA’s Region Eight.

Gerald and his wife, Jael Kampfe, owned and operated a successful cattle and guest ranch business on the Lazy EL Ranch near Roscoe, Montana for 11 years. They now provide consulting services through their company, Bar K Management. They currently live in Bearcreek, Montana.