Communication Fundamentals (Online)

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Communication Fundamentals (Online)

Join Patrick Marsolek for an exploration of Fundamental communication skills to bring better connection and more ease of communication with your family, friends and co-workers. You can learn the importance of feelings and how they connect with your inner values and needs. You can learn how your inner values direct your actions, communications, emotional expressions and all forms of behavior. You can have more ease recognizing and valuing other people when they’re stressed or uncomfortable.

This class is an online video class. (Let me know if you would prefer an in-person class in Missoula. I am open to offering that format again if there’s interest.) 

To register for this class, please use the registration link below. You’re welcome to choose an amount that you’re comfortable with; that fits your means and also values Patrick’s work. When you check out, just make a note that it’s for the communication class! Normally, I charge $75 for this class, but please do join with an amount you can afford. Even though this is processed as a donation through Paypal, if for some reason the class does not happen, I will fully refund all registration fees. 

Register online here:

For more information, contact:

Patrick Marsolek


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