Elder Mediation training

Elder Mediation training

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Elder Decisions® 
Elder / Adult Family Mediation Training
July 28-30, 2020 – Online 

Tuesday through Thursday (21 hours)
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern  Four seats remaining
Save $100 with early registration by July 9        
Join Us Online

  We are excited to bring our flagship training in Elder / Adult
Family Mediation online, including the interactive components, guest experts, small group exercises, role plays, and rich discussions that
have made it such a positive experience for past participants. Over
more than a decade, this course has benefited from the feedback of
hundreds of participants who have attended in person. Be among the first to attend the program virtually.  
We have prepared this course specifically as an online training
designed to foster participant engagement, learning, and connection,and have structured each day to allow for appropriate breaks for thecomfort of our class members. Past participants have enjoyed a
strong sense of community during our trainings, and this live online
event weaves opportunities for connection into its design. We look
forward to having you join us for our inaugural online course.     About the Training  
This program teaches mediators specialized skills and techniques forworking (both in-person and online) with seniors and adult families
facing decisions around issues such as living arrangements,
caregiving, driving, family communication, medical care, Powers of
Attorney / Health Care Proxies / Guardianship / Conservatorship,
financial planning, estate planning, family real estate, and personal
property distribution. Topics and components include:   
Elder / Adult Family Mediation
   Presenting Issues
    Common Hurdles
    New Strategies for Intake and Convening Family Members 
    Private Caucuses in Advance of Joint Mediation 
    Working with Large, Dispersed Family Groups     
Managing Multiple Stakeholders and Multiple Issues, Including
the Voice of the Elder    
Ethical Concerns, Including Capacity, Financial Disclosure,           Power Imbalances and More    
Considerations Regarding Remote Mediation via
Challenges of Aging
   Mental & Physical Effects of Aging
    Maintaining Independence
    Coping with Loss
    Caregiving and Aging Families
    Long Term Care Options for Elders
Legal Planning
   Planning for Financial Management
    Medical Decision Making
    Long Term Care Costs, and Options for Paying for Care
    Asset Protection
    Guardianship and Alternatives
Skill Building
Mediating via Zoom Videoconferencing
   Small Group Exercises       
Guest Experts in Elder Law and Gerontology
    Trainers’ “Fishbowl” Demonstration  
    Multi-Party Role Plays Featuring “True-to-Life” Scenarios 
  Extensive Training Manual to Support Your Ongoing Practice      The skills, techniques, and principles discussed in the training are transferable to mediation in other contexts, and past participants
have often remarked about the mediation “gems” they have receivedand “aha moments” they have experienced that have helped deepen
their mediation work.         
Cost & Registration:  
(or $795 if paid by early registration deadline of July 9th).  
For more information, to read testimonials, and to register, visit:    www.ElderDecisions.com/pg19.cfm.         
Continuing Education: 
* This training is approved under Part 146 by the New York
State Unified Court System’s Office of ADR Programs for 16
hours of Additional Mediation Training.  Please note that: (1) Pursuant to Part 146, court-based mediation rosters require both a combination of mediation training and experience mediating; (2) Acceptance on court rosters depends on a court’s need for mediators at any given time and may include a court’s need for mediators with specific case-type training or experience and mediation experience;  (3) Final placement on any court roster is in the discretion of the local Administrative Judge.  * Past trainees have successfully applied for state-specific Continuing Legal Education credits. Please inquire for details.  
For information, please see www.elderdecisions.com/pg19.cfm.       Questions?  Please call 617-621-7009 x29.  We’d be happy to talk with you.

        Mom Always Liked You Best:
A Guide for Resolving Family Feuds, Inheritance Battles & Eldercare Crises

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