Mediation Fundamentals Class

Mediation Fundamentals Class

October 10, 11, 12 and 24, 25

Do you want to be a mediator?

“Excellent course…All four instructors are engaged and interested in our learning.”

  Mediation Fundamentals Class

From the Center for Collaborative Solutions

October 10, 11, 12 and 24, 25

Enroll in this intensively interactive 5-day course

Do you resolve conflict in your work?

This course will increase your skills. 

Learn to resolve conflict with hands on practice

Team taught by 4 instructors from different backgrounds.

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$950 on or before Sept 15, $1025 after Sept 15

Learn how to meditate step by step

·      One or more instructors demonstrate. You practice through hands on role-play, discuss and evaluate, then repeat for the next step.

You will take home

·      A comprehensive notebook for future reference.

·      Certificate of completion—the first step in becoming a certified mediator

·      CLE credits for the Montana State Bar. Let us know if you want continuing ed credits for OPI, Licensed Counselors or Social Workers. 

·      The ability to bring people to resolution through mediation.

For more information go to: or contact Linda Gryczan     Call 406 431-3635.

“I can only recall one training in my 40 years of professional work that was as effective as yours…Very well done.”

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