Montana Mediation Association
Application for Associate Membership

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APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer the following questions.  Incomplete applications will be returned for further information.  The Qualifications committee reviews all applications within 12 weeks.  If you have questions, or qualification obstacles, call the MtMA office at 406-579-2371.

MEMBERSHIP DUES and APPLICATION FEES.  Membership dues must be enclosed with your membership application.  If membership is denied, your dues will be returned.

PRIVACY NOTE.  The contents of this application will not be sold or distributed.  Successful applicants will have their name published in the MtMA Directory.

PART I.  Enter your contact information as you wish it to be listed in the membership directory.  All membership materials will be sent to this address.


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Occupation and employer information will not be printed in the membership directory.



PART II.  Please specify which category of membership you are applying for.

  ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP ($50 per year) is for any individual or organization interested in furthering the purposes of MtMA, who has been approved for membership and is current in the payment of annual dues.

PART III.  Please list any areas of dispute resolution other than mediation that interest you.

PART IV.  As a member of MtMA, I will subscribe to the purposes and principles of the Association.  I will further certify the information supplied on this application is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge.

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