MtMA Board’s Bozeman Adventure

MtMA Board’s Bozeman Adventure



The MtMA In-Person Board Meeting was in Bozeman this month.  The drive from Great Falls was breathtaking.  Chris Hahn was kind enough to welcome us into his home for the Board Meeting.  The view was spectacular.  It made it very difficult for us to stay on point and not get distracted by the wonderful vista and the fun-loving and friendly puppies.


We use ZOOM.US to invite members and speakers who                               could not be with us in person.

We had a wonderful opportunity to discuss issues, share ideas, and plan upcoming events and projects.

We were so happy to meet and chat with the fantastic people at the Community Mediation Center in Bozeman!

They welcomed us, fed us and we had a lovely chat about what they are doing in Bozeman!  We were able to order in from Jimmy John’s and Pam Poon gifted us with a delicious homemade Pumpkin Pie and whipped cream.  Audrey Cromwell, Executive Director, introduced us to the staff and volunteers.  It was a wonderful experience and we truly enjoyed the lively dialog.

Community Mediation Center


Enjoying our excursion to the            Community Mediation Center.