MtMA Fall Education Program on Demand

MtMA Fall Education Program on Demand

On Demand

Sept 23rd 12pm No Charge

The Many Faces of Fear:

How it can affect your clients’ mediations and how to overcome it.

We all have ideas of how fear obviously presents itself.  But what about the not so obvious ways it shows up?

In this discussion we will identify the not so obvious ways fear shows up at your mediation, how to dialogue with your clients and overcome it and manifest a more peace-filled mediation process, with more confident clients.

Christine Couch, ASN, RN, Life Coach, Mediator

Christine is a life coach specializing in relationships, marriage, communication, conflict resolution and empowerment to heal from trauma with a future focus towards wholeness.  Owner of Mustard Seed Coaching and Mediation, she is a strategic interventionist with a passion for helping clients shift perspective and understand their power of choice.  She became a trained mediator/Christian conciliator and pursued life coaching by divine accident in 2006 when she took a permanent sabbatical from her nursing career when she realized ‘something’ was missing.  Her passion is seeing people not only reconcile and improve their relationships/marriages but bringing them to a place where they are not simply surviving but healing and thriving.  Her passion is teaching her clients techniques and tools that transcend the improvement of not only the relationship they present with as a current struggle, but bring life transformative peace and relationship tools that translate to all of their relationships, whether that be with their kids, spouse, friends, family or business relationships.  She doesn’t simply give her clients fish, she teaches them how to fish.

She has seen clients learn to communicate, building bridges free from fear and reactive dependency on the outcome.  She has seen couples put wedding rings back on; women ready to throw in the towel on their marriages turn from despair to hope and change the dynamic of their relationship.  She has seen clients who, due to past trauma, would dissociate during difficult conversations (for at times up to and past 30 minutes) be able to pause and continue and face the challenging conversation.  She has seen people, due to past trauma, see themselves as disempowered victims (in present tense), transform and view that as a past part of their lives but see themselves as empowered resolute people with a life and mission spending most of their time looking through the windshield instead of focusing on the rearview mirror.

She is committed to life-long learning, always adding to her arsenal of tools for her clients.  Christine is a life coach because it’s her passion.  It is her wish to never retire.

Topic: The Many Faces of Fear

Time: Sep 23, 2021 12:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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