Our Newest Members

Our Newest Members


Mediator Spotlight!

We are very excited to welcome and introduce our newest members!

Associate, Student, Certified and Certified/Family Designation Criteria                                                                                 is found here: https://mtmediation.org/mtma-membership-information/

Judge Russell Fagg (Certified Mediator) is currently a judge for the 13th District Court. He has presided over nearly 200 jury trials and more than 3,000 non-jury trials, including civil, criminal, and family cases. Has been assigned approximately 25,000 cases over the last 20 years. He has received the Distinguished Service Award, Karla M. Gray Award and the Young Life Spirit Award. Judge Fagg continues to be a strong and vocal proponent of mediation and access to justice for all Montanans.

Nancy DesRosiers (Certified Mediator) is a Conflict and Mediation Coach and Founder of Clear Path Mediation Support LLC. She has been a volunteer mediator with the Bozeman Community Mediation Center and adding her unique skill and expertise in Parenting Plans with the Family Program. Nancy is an illustrator and designer with Bee in a Bottle Creative Studio. Her ability to hear and understand her client’s vision and translate those words into graphic solutions has allowed her to meet and exceed her clients’ expectations for over a decade.

Dean Hampton (Certified Mediator) is from Bozeman, Montana.  He is a creative, strategic thinker and visionary with proven record of identifying critical needs, developing a plan and motivating people to follow. Dean has repeatedly demonstrated ability to bring innovation and structure to companies seeking change. He is an experienced trainer who leads through clear vision and passionately serving the client.

Greg Dahl (Associate Member) is from Clancy, Montana and has expressed areas of interest including: Civil, Community/Neighborhoods, Construction Disputes, Contract Disputes, Insurance, Justice Court, Landlord/Tenant, Property Settlements, Public Policy, Workplace, Group Facilitation, Organizational Development/Strategic Planning.


Andrew Connor joined the MtMA this past November. Andrew is a Certified Mediator in Missoula, specializing in community and workplace mediation, as well as meeting facilitation.

Kendall Switzer joined the MtMA this past December. Brigadier General Switzer serves as a mediator in Bozeman, specializing in workplace, organizational, natural resource, law enforcement, industrial, and military issues.

Christy Franklin of Bigfork joined the MtMA in January as a Certified Mediator with Family Designation. Christy mediates parenting plans, divorce and property settlement cases, landlord/tenant and civil disputes, as well as community, neighborhood, and family issues.

Russell Fagg joined the MtMA in January. Judge Fagg serves as a Certified Mediator with Family Designation in the Billings area.

Therese Hash became an Associate Member of the MtMA in March. Therese works in Kalispell offering services for settlement conferences and appellate mediations.

Melissa Smylie joined as an Associate Member and is also supporting MtMA as an intern.  Melissa is graduating this semester with a Bachelors in Paralegal Studies at the University of Great Falls. She is instrumental in the completion of the MtMA Directory and has been a great help in assisting us with current and upcoming projects.

Also joining the MtMA as an Associate Member in March was Stormy Barton. Stormy is in Gallatin Gateway, and works in areas of restorative justice, settlement conferences, and arbitration.

Finally, Gloria Darpino of Columbus joined as an Associate member of the MtMA in March. Gloria specializes in landlord/tenant and eldercare mediation issues.

Please check back with us to see who will be in upcoming Spotlights!  If you would like to submit a narrative introducing yourself and providing a brief description of your practice, areas of interest and whatever you wish to promote or share.