Patrick Marsolek

Patrick Marsolek

Patrick Marsolek is a professionally trained mediator with an extensive background with communication skills, listening and therapeutic understanding of consciousness.

Patrick works with businesses, individuals and families on how to communicate effectively and compassionately and how to access untapped resources for growth and effectiveness. He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a private practice in Missoula and online. He is the author of  “A Joyful Intuition” and “Transform Yourself: A self-hypnosis manual.” He also has produced a series of self-empowerment and self-hypnosis audio recordings. 

Patrick teaches experiential classes on self-hypnosis, intuition, and compassionate communication. Patrick offers trainings for businesses and organizations from the corporate level through to private businesses and self-employed individuals.

Patrick’s offerings are based in his personal experience working with; Nonviolent communication, Bohmian Dialogue, Mindfulness Meditation Training, Open Focus Practice, The Presence Process, Gestalt, Extended and Controlled Remote Viewing trainings and a 30 year personal practice in yoga and meditation. 

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