Q&A with Tra Williams, CM

Q&A with Tra Williams, CM

Why did you become a mediator? I became a Mediator after working as a risk manager and patient relations specialist for a hospital.  Many of my colleagues complimented me on my ability to resolve conflict and eventually I became the “go to person” to resolve the most difficult conflicts and patient complaints. As a result of having the most challenging case load, I decided to pursue further education in mediation leading to a Post Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Colorado State University.

I am a lifelong learner and mediation is a part of other aspects of my life including as a Husband, Father, Nurse Leader, Pastor, and Coach.

How would you describe your mediation practice to a non-mediator? My role is to help people have difficult conversations to resolve an issue they cannot solve between themselves. Mediation is accomplished by helping each side discover the best possible solution for them. Because I am a neutral third party, I don’t have a side or position. Because I’m not a judge I’m not trying to determine who’s right or who’s wrong. In the end, successful mediations allow each party to leave feeling whole.

Why did you become Certified and how does it improve your mediation practice? Certification demonstrates professional knowledge based on recognized professional standards. I enjoy the collaboration and resources I receive through Certification.

What, for you, is the most important benefit or value of belonging to MTMA? I like connecting with others in the field which has helped improve my practice through collaboration and resources.

What is the most satisfying mediation experience you’ve had?  Anytime the relationship is salvaged or improved, even if it is severed amicably.