Realtor Mediation and Ombudsman Course

Realtor Mediation and Ombudsman Course

Course Description:

The Gallatin Association of Realtors is making a Realtor Mediation and Ombudsman course available to non-Realtor members. While this course is specifically designed for Realtor members, those of you who have taken a Montana Mediation Fundamentals course will find this Mediation model is very similar. Those of you who haven’t may find the fundamentals overview interesting and a good refresher. The Ombudsman portion of the course is helpful for those who do telephone mediation.

Mediation has been the preferred dispute resolution system of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) for many years and has met with huge success in assisting members with resolving conflicts themselves rather than having the case decided for them by an Association Professional Standards Hearing Panel. The Ombudsman Program in its simplest definition is informal telephone mediation. Drawn from the NAR Model of Mediation, this course will provide 4 hours of Mediation Fundamentals followed by a 3 hour introduction to the Ombudsman program and Ombudsman Fundamentals.

The course will be presented on Friday, September 27th, with the mediation portion from 9am to 1pm and the Ombudsman portion from 2pm to 5pm.  Presentations will include instruction and role play simulations.  There is an hour break for lunch which is not provided on site.

The cost is $160.00.  Attendees may opt to go to one half of the course.

The location is Springhill Suites in Bozeman, MT.

Please contact Danielle at GAR at 406-585-0033 to register.

Instructor Bio:

Diane Disbrow has been an active realtor in New Jersey for over 38 years and was involved in the management of her and her husband’s independent real estate company for 33 years. Diane has been active on the Professional Standards Committees, Legal Action and Risk Management Committees at the local, state and national level for many years and served as chair of NAR’s Professional Standards Committee twice as well as the Risk Management License Law Committee. Due to her extensive knowledge, she has launched a successful career as a real estate instructor and lecturer and has presented numerous educational programs for the National Association of Realtors and various local and state associations across the country.