Spotlight on Michele Davda, CM/F

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Spotlight on Michele Davda, CM/F

Why did you become a mediator? I was a high school teacher administrator for nearly twenty years when I decided it was time for a career change. One of the aspects of teaching that I really enjoyed was working with parents and students to help them resolve disputes either with each other or with teachers or other students. In addition, I had attended mediation a couple of times and, although one mediation did not end in an agreement, I found both experiences to be positive and worthwhile. When looking for a new career, mediation had a natural appeal. Mediation allows me to continue to serve my community and help individuals and families.

How would you describe your mediation practice to a non-mediator? My mediation practice is primarily focused on family mediation although I mediate civil disputes as well. I use a facilitative mediation approach that encourages participants to create a mutually agreeable solution to their dispute through communication and exploration of each other’s interests.

Why did you become Certified and how does it improve your mediation practice? I became a MTMA certified mediator to validate my education and experience as a mediator. Certification gives my clients confidence that I am qualified to mediate their dispute.

What, for you, is the most important benefit or value of belonging to MTMA? Being a member of MTMA has been a valuable means for me to meet other mediators and to grow as a mediator through my interactions with other mediators and through the educational opportunities offered by MTMA.