Thank you from Past President LaDawn Whiteside

Thank you from Past President LaDawn Whiteside

As Martha Stewart says about change, “It’s a good thing.” It is said that the only constant in life is change. Based on the membership meeting of May 24, 2022, Montana Mediation Association (MtMA) has changed the abbreviation of its name to MTMA. We will not make the change radically swift, but in the coming months you will see letterhead, social media and email correspondence reflect the change.

The request to modify came from a member of this organization, and the change reflects the Board’s desire to support and embrace member suggestions and feedback

MTMA also has a newly elected governing Board. A big thank you goes out to the hard-working past board members Morgan Peralta, Kayre Chatellier and Bonnie Fedchock.

Kayre decided to run again along with new Board members Michele Davda and Debra Blossom. We appreciate Kayre, Debra and Michele joining Rick Mellon, who continues as a Board member.

I (LaDawn) will function as Past President assisting newly elected President Hilary Oitzinger Betson to continue the work started and begin new projects as determined during the strategic planning meeting in July.

The past 10 years that I have had an active role in MTMA have been a time of growth for the organization. I am proud of the members and the Board, and I have genuinely enjoyed my time as President of MTMA. The friendships forged will last beyond the end of an election cycle. My best wishes and hopes are with each of you.

LaDawn Whiteside, MTMA Immediate Past President