Welcome to the new Montana Mediation Association (MtMA) Newsletter!

Welcome to the new Montana Mediation Association (MtMA) Newsletter!

Our top priorities at the MtMA are advancing mediation across Montana while connecting and educating individual mediators and others who are interested in mediation. To support that goal, we have created this newsletter to keep the Montana mediation community informed and inspired.

We will be sending out this newsletter several times a year to share events, information and interesting news, and you are receiving this because you are either a current member, past member, or someone we have crossed paths with over the years. If you ever want to unsubscribe, you can do so by following the instructions at the bottom of this email.

Thank you for your work and enjoy!
The MtMA Board of Directors

Upcoming Mediation Events and Training in Montana and the region:

Workplace Mediation Training

  • November 13th & 14th, 2019
  • Community Dispute Resolution Center (Missoula)
  • Click here for more details

Mediation Fundamentals Training

  • The Billings Mediation Center will once again host this affordable blended (in-person/online) training in the Spring of 2020 (February, March and April).
  • This training can be taken anywhere in the state. All you need is an internet connection and (ideally) some local partners with whom to do role plays.
  • Click here for more information
  • Reach out to the center if you are interested: info@billingsmediationcenter.org

Online Training

  • The Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) is holding its annual conference in Boston from November 7-9. If you can’t be there in-person, consider participating via an online livestream

The MtMA Launches Innovative new Eldercare Mediation Certification and Program

The MtMA has received a grant to prevent and delay resident discharges from Montana Nursing Homes. Through this program, families, residents and eldercare facilities may use certified eldercare mediators to resolve problems leading to discharge notices.

Billings Mediation Center Creates New Program

The recently established Billings Mediation Center has received a grant from the Montana Justice Foundation to support its partnership with the Yellowstone County Justice Court, called the Conflict Resilience Project. This program will provide at least five justice court mediations per month, and the center has more mediators in training, hoping to increase the number of mediations it can offer as more mediators become certified. More information about programs and trainings can be read at www.BillingsMediationCenter.org

Mediation in the news:

The radio show, On The Media, recently released an excellent 3-part series called “Repairing Justice” about how to fix problems with the Justice System, and mediation was a major focus:

  • The first episode was about how online mediation can be used to detoxify internet culture, bullying and harassment
  • The second episode was about how using mediation and restorative justice techniques can serve as an alternative to incarceration 

The full series was very well done and highlighted the great value of mediated conflict resolution. Give it a listen!

Are you interested in starting a mediation center or program?

Montana currently has 3 established regional mediation centers:

We have heard from others that they would like to start community mediation centers, mediation programs in their local court systems, or some other form of mediation-related work where they live. The MtMA would love to see a mediation center in every community in Montana! So, if you are interested in starting or expanding mediation work in your local place, please contact us so we can get you connected with the resources and support you need to be successful no matter what stage of the process you are in currently.

How can we be better?

We are here to serve mediators and mediation in Montana, so if you have any thoughts, suggestions, questions, needs or feedback about how we can do our work better, we are all ears! You can always reach us via email or over the phone: 406-579-2371